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Sunchase at James Madison University review summary

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5on Google,Jul 05, 2018


I had a great experience during my stay at the Sun Chase. Nice community and the office staff is more than reasonable.

5on Google,Feb 17, 2018


My daughter, who is a student at JMU, has lived at Sunchase for 2 years. She has been very happy there, and I have been extremely pleased with the security, club house amenities, and easy access to the shuttle bus for her to get to campus and other locations. Sunchase also does a nice job with their monthly newsletter. I highly recommend it 🙂

5on Google,Feb 04, 2018


I've lived here for 2 years now, and thought it is a little pricey it is a great place to live. There are always events going on, and they making living here fun.

4on Google,Aug 29, 2017


Sunchase pool parties are always a fun day during Frog week, and while the clouds were annoying, the party was still a good time.

3on Google,Jul 22, 2017


This was a pretty nice place to live. The maintenance staff was always timely but sometimes left us with a rush job. My biggest issue was the price is too expensive for me and the walls are super thin making it hard to get things done even if your roommate was in the kitchen watching tv quietly

5on Our Website,Jun 28, 2017


I lived at Sunchase from sophomore to senior year and everything was great! The office staff was very willing to help with any issue and maintenance was very quick at responding to a problem in the apartment! Very reasonable and easy to work with people and the pool and free coffee are a huge plus! The couch I came to realize after countless all nighters is the most comfortable couch to take a nap on. Overall great experience, great people and I am really going to miss this place!

4on Google,Jun 11, 2017


I wish that busses came more often but I have to admit these are great apartments. Very spacious with a small balcony and a great community pool.

5on Our Website,May 25, 2017


Sunchase truly makes JMU the best place on earth, as well as the happiest. I have been living here for a few months and can honestly say that their staff is unlike any other. Their maintenance is ALWAYS on top of getting things fixed, they keep the community looking spectacular, and they are all so friendly. The staff that work at the front is always helpful and gets questions answered in a timely manner. The apartments are spacious, clean upon moving in, and they feel like home. Some say that where you live is good as long as you make it. Sunchase is good no matter what!

5on Our Website,May 25, 2017


I have had a great experience at Sunchase for the year that I have lived here so far! The maintenance is quick and efficient and the staff is friendly and helpful. Free wifi in my apartment that is quick and is strong whether I'm at home or in the clubhouse. The property itself is beautiful and in such a convenient location for myself as a JMU student. Overall, Sunchase is an amazing environment and I look forward to living here again next year!

5on Google,May 22, 2017


It was relaxing and fun